Judgment Enforcement

Innovative, Effective Judgment Enforcement

If you have won a lawsuit or a settlement it may feel like the battle is over. It is not. Before you can collect what is owed, you need to locate the debtor.

As time passes, locating the debtor becomes more difficult. While the court does not collect the amount owed to you, it can issue other orders that may be used to facilitate collecting the judgment.

After receiving a court judgment against a former spouse, business partner or company, you may find yourself exhausted by the prospect of collecting the award you are owed. This is known as creditor fatigue, and it is very common. Fortunately, Jessica Taran, Attorney at Law can help you enforce your rights.

Ms. Taran puts her experience in collections and enforcement to use by advocating for clients throughout California. She handles several varieties of complex judgments involving recalcitrant debtors. Based in San Francisco, she also works with out-of-state clients.

She has over 15 years of successful judgment enforcement. She uses a systematic method beginning with running an investigation in collaboration with a licensed private investigator. Private investigation and asset research results show whether the debtor has real assets or personal property worth pursuing for debt repayment. This determination process is paramount. In California, a judgment order is generally valid for 20 years, which means it may be in your best interest to wait to pursue the debtor.

Facilitating Enforcement For Many Types Of Debts

Taran Law can help creditors in a wide range of situations collect what is owed to them through the legal mechanism of enforcing a judgment against a debtor. Among the situations the firm can help with are:

  • Commercial money judgments
  • Divorce-related money judgments
  • Wage judgments – including those where a contractor is unpaid by a business and the business changes entities to avoid paying the debt
  • Unpaid criminal restitution fines

Attorney Taran can review your situation and help map out your best strategy for collecting the debt.

High-Level Networking With Other Jurisdictions

Individuals who owe money through a court order or otherwise often hide their assets or flee California seeking refuge from the obligation to pay their debt. For this reason, Taran Law has developed a network of local counsel in other jurisdictions.

Utilizing statutory mechanisms, Taran Law is able to obtain satisfaction of money judgments, by, among other methods, legal seizure of bank accounts, automobiles, boats, planes, real estate, art, and other items.

Ms. Taran is experienced with locating and successfully collecting judgments from those who shield assets such as real property in another state. She also seeks information from third parties or family members to locate the debtor to begin negotiations on collecting a lump sum or payments on the amount owed.

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