Civil Litigation

Providing Strategic Solutions In Civil And Commercial Litigation

Representing San Francisco and Marin County entrepreneurs in this distinctly competitive business environment, Taran Law is responsive to clients’ legal needs. Well-versed in California and federal courts, Ms. Taran has a proven record of getting optimal results for clients facing civil litigation matters such as:
  • Real estate disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Defamation, invasion of privacy
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Trademark or copyright infringement
  • Judgment enforcement

Licensed to practice in California and New York, Ms. Taran focuses over 18 years of courtroom experience in courts across the United States. In every case, she works with to bring about successful results for our business clients.

Responsive Legal Advocacy, Including Arbitration And Mediation

Taran Law, believes that aggressive litigation is not the catchall solution to every business dispute. Ms. Taran is a lawyer who provides the highly respected alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods of arbitration and mediation.

She provides arbitration under the auspices of Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc., (JAMS) and the American Arbitration Association systems, which can keep court costs to a minimum through:

  • Dispute reviews
  • Neutral case evaluations
  • Facilitating mediation
  • Binding arbitration

Generally, cases handled through ADR are settled satisfactorily and in less time than it would have taken in court. Contact Taran Law to determine if your legal matter would be best solved using ADR.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Attorney

Ms. Taran is quick to respond to entrepreneurs in need of legal services. Whether through a court trial or negotiations, Ms. Taran is dedicated to helping you protect your business and all that you have worked so hard to build. Call Taran Law for a free consultation at 917-746-9632. If you prefer, you may email her.