Business Collections

Fierce Advocacy For Delinquent Account Collections

You upheld your end of the bargain, providing goods or services for a business client. They, however, failed to pay you for your efforts. After contacting them multiple times, you find that you have no other option than to seek legal counsel about your options.

This is where Jessica Taran, Attorney at Law, comes in. Founding attorney Jessica Taran assists business entities and individuals who need to collect on outstanding debts for services rendered or goods sold. Delinquent accounts can permanently damage your company’s finances and your personal finances. As a reputable Bay Area collections attorney, Ms. Taran is prepared to advocate fiercely for your best interests.

Keeping Your Costs Minimal

Your finances may already be hurting due to your outstanding accounts. Attorney Taran understands the importance of cost-efficient services, particularly when you already have significant outstanding fees. Even as she uses every method available to us to recover your accounts, she strives to keep your costs down and prevent more strain on your resources and time.

Show You Are Serious By Hiring A Serious Litigator

Having a strong litigator on your side can show debtors that you mean business about collecting. Though Ms. Taran has extensive experience in business litigation, she uses this tool as a last resort, since litigation tends to prove more costly than other methods of collection. Granted, she also understands that a judgment is sometimes the only way to recover your delinquent accounts. She can also assist in enforcing judgments.

Discuss Your Collection Options In A Consultation

Receive the experienced, tenacious services of Jessica Taran, Attorney at Law, if you have outstanding fees that you need to collect. The sooner you act, the sooner Jessica Taran can begin collections strategies. To schedule an initial consultation, please call 917-746-9632 or send an email.